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Lead or Anti-Lead Crobat

CrobatCrobat is a very unique Pokemon that has an insanely good Speed stat, and a wide move pool to chose from.

Vanilluxe Wall

584 VanilluxeVanilluxe is a Generation V Pokemon that often is criticized for its odd design, but is a decent Pokemon to use in battle.

Gale Wings Talonflame

663 TalonflameTalonflame is a Pokémon that has become extremely popular in competitive play since Pokemon X and Y came out.

Support Vivillon

VivillonVivillon is another one of the weak Bug-type Pokémon that you receive at the beginning of the game. However, Vivillon possesses a great ability to help out its teammates, making it a good support Pokémon on many teams.

Physical Sweeping Ursaring

217 UrsaringUrsaring is a Pokémon that is barely used, yet has incredible Attacking ability. A combination of an insanely high Attack stat and its Guts ability gives it astronomical damaging capabilities.

Set-Up Butterfree

12-ButterfreeButterfree is the final evolution of one of the traditional “weak” Bug-types you find early in all of the Pokémon games. These Bugs have been stereotyped as useless for competitive play, and for good reason.

Nuzlocke Challenge: The Golden Quest, The Battle of Bellsprout Tower

Part 2 of The Golden Quest by Nick Grimm. This part chronicles the battles he encounters in Violet City’s Bellsprout Tower.

Pokémon Are Not Real

I believe that in the Pokémon games, and even the anime, all 718 (721, if you want to be technical) Pokémon are not really there. I believe that Pokémon are mysterious visible entities that interact with humans.

Baton Pass Accelgor

617-AccelgorAccelgor is a very unique Pokémon, both in its method for evolution, and in its stats and move pool. Its Speed stat is through the roof, and it has decent Special Attack, but its defenses are pitiful.

Lapras is Genetically Engineered

A Pokémon theory of Lapras, a powerful and mysterious Pokémon unlike any other. Lapras is a very interesting and unique Pokémon.