FSPR 45 The Pokemon Company Doesn’t Like Cheaters and Mr. Masuda Explains French Influence for Generation VI

One does not simply cheat in Pokemon.

One does not simply cheat in Pokemon.

Today, we’re going to be talking about the Pokemon Company’s stance on cheating, then we’re going to talk a little about the new Prologue to Mewtwo’s Awakening trailer, and lastly Mr. Junichi Masuda explained a little bit about the inspiration behind the Kalos region and a new Pokemon.

The Pokemon Company has stated that it will NOT help those who have corrupted his or her game data by using a third-party device or software to cheat the game. There are smartphone apps and devices that you can purchase to cheat the Pokemon games. It’s possible that these methods can stop your game from working. If used and it hurts your game, there is nothing you can do get your game back. These third-party devices and smartphone apps are not endorsed by the Pokemon Company or Nintendo. Don’t use them!

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Pokemon of the Episode: #295 Exploud

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s4BiuTSHD0 (This video has become private since the original posting on July 5, 2013. I apologize for the inconvenience.)

Hitotsuki’s English Name: Honedge
New Trailer for ‘Prologue to Mewtwo’s Awakening’
Official X & Y Strategy Guide appears on Amazon.com
Pokémon Company issue statement regarding cheating

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