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There are many new game-play mechanic changes that will be coming to Pokémon X and Y. A new Pokemon has also been announced on Pokemon’s Facebook page.

There are quite a few new mechanics that will be included in the new Pokemon X and Y games. At the end of the episode last week I mentioned a few new mechanics, but I didn’t quite fully go over them. There are some interesting new twists to the new games. I’m getting more and more excited for the release of Pokemon X and Y as we come closer to October.

Some of the new mechanics:

  • Pokemon will gain experience even when the opposing wild Pokemon is caught
  • Some moves will not be able to used in Sky Battles
  • The item EXP. Share will now be EXP. All, similar to how it was back in Generation I
  • None of the Kalos Region (Generation VI) Pokemon will currently have a Mega Evolution
  • Some moves have had their accuracy and base power changed
  • Mega Evolutions are meant to make the Pokemon more powerful and on par with Legendary Pokemon

Here is a new TV commercial for the Pokemon X and Y games. When watching this new commercial, there doesn’t seem to be anything interesting other than seeing many of the new areas and the beautiful Kalos scenery. But take a closer look…

If you pay close attention to the video at about 00:08, you will see a pair of two little gray Pokemon behind a fence. Is this area possibly the Pokemon Day Care? What are those little gray Pokemon? Only time will tell.

Screenshot courtesy of PokéBeach.

Screenshot courtesy of PokéBeach.

The Pokemon Company International has announced a new Pokemon via Facebook. This new Generation VI Pokemon, Doublade, is the evolution of Honedge. Doublade, like Honedge, is a Ghost- and Steel-type Pokemon. It will also have the Ability No Guard.

Doublade announcement from September 25, 2013, via Pokemon’s official Facebook page.

Pokemon of the Episode: #623 Golurk


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