Pokémon Are Not Real

What do you mean “Pokémon Aren’t Real”?

I’ll begin by explaining the title. You may be thinking, “Well, of course Pokémon aren’t real,” but that’s not the real that I meant. In a way, this is just another Poké Ball theory.

I believe that in the Pokémon games, and even the anime, all 718 (721, if you want to be technical) Pokémon are not really there.

No, this isn’t an extension of the coma theory, I don’t believe it was in anyone’s imagination. I believe that Pokémon are mysterious visible entities that interact with humans through commands and magical balls.

In the series and movies this is more complicated. Pokémon frequently interact with humans. I believe that Pokémon learn to contact the world physically over time. They learn to interact with the real world at the price of the real world interacting with them.

In the anime regular Pokémon moves rarely affect the real world, although it is very inconsistent in that aspect. In the games regular moves very rarely, nearly never at all.

This takes me on to HMs, these moves enable specific Pokémon to make serious interactions. This explains one of many people’s problems with X and Y, “Why the hell can’t my Honedge cut down a tiny bush without a specific move!” It’s because he (not genderless for some reason) is not experienced enough. This helps, not hinders my theory. Learning a Hidden Machine allows it to interact with the real world far quicker than just experience. That’s why you can’t ride on Waillord’s back until it learns Surf, without it you’d just fall to a watery grave.

Pokémon X and Y gives some problems with the ability to ride Pokémon. You can never ride your own Pokémon this way, only other ones like Rhyhorn and Gogoat. I believe that these few Pokémon are specially trained to do this, maybe they have their own HM “Ride.” You are never able to battle with them so we can never know. In the game your mother is a Rhyhorn racer and it is easy to assume, like in real life horse riding, they are trained to race.

My main basis for this theory as aforementioned is Poké Balls. I think that a Poké Ball not only captures Pokémon, but that Pokémon actually only exist in them. Inside a Poké Ball the Pokémon return to their true form. I believe that Pokémon’s physical forms are not their true forms. While in the real world Pokémon take random forms and enjoy battling each other and joining Trainers to raise in power. This explains two of my biggest problems with the game and the anime. Firstly, the game and the anime multiple times refer to how Pokémon love being with Trainers and wild Pokémon envy them. If this is true then why are some Pokémon so hard to catch. It is because in some Poké Balls they are happier than others.

Weaker Pokémon are less connected with the world, lower level and less experienced, they are satisfied to be in any Poké Ball and put up little fight. The more powerful Pokémon are more intimately connected with the world and only accept powerful Poké Balls that give them a better connection to their real form, and never turn down Master Balls.

Secondly, is my favorite part of this entire self-conceived theory. This is about the most famous, popular, hated, and overrated Pokémon ever. It is of course Ash’s Pikachu. Why does Ash’s Pikachu not want to be in a Poké Ball, I think his Pikachu is more special than we assume. We know that Pikachu is different, a uniquely powerful Pokémon like no other. What if Pikachu is more real than any other Pokémon. His power is incredible and keeps growing with every episode. We know little about Pikachu’s origins, he is first seen in a regular Poké Ball hidden in a secret compartment in Professor Oak’s lab. Oak is reluctant to give Ash the Pokémon. Ash gets Pikachu because he is late and all the other Pokémon are taken. Even if he was not late someone would be last and have to receive the Pikachu. This query has two answers, 1) Oak does not believe Ash can handle Pikachu’s mysterious power and wants to give it to another trainer or 2) Oak is putting on an act and wants Ash to take Pikachu to test its abilities.

But I’m going off topic, that is a Pokémon Theory for another day.

If you have any hypotheses or adjustments to this leave them below.

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