Choice Banded Primeape

PrimeapePrimeape is an average Pokémon with average stats. However, it can learn a handful of highly damaging moves, and with the help of a Choice Band, you can deal some serious damage.

A Choice Band is an item that boosts the holder’s Attack by 50%, at the cost of only being able to use one move. Once you choose a move, you can only use that move until you switch out. The Choice Band can make even the most average attacker a threat.

Choice Band Primeape
Ability Anger Point
Held Item Choice Band
Move Set Close Combat, Stone Edge Earthquake, U-Turn
EV Spread 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
IVs HP 31 / Atk 31 / Def 31 / Sp. Atk – / Sp. Def 31 / Spd 31
Nature Adamant (+10% Atk, -10% Sp Atk)


Primeape’s strategy may seem simple, but it requires a lot of prediction. At the beginning of the match, take careful note of what Pokémon your opponent has on his or her team, and pay attention to what Pokémon resist which moves on Primeape.
Once you send Primeape into battle, use the move you think will do the most damage. This is where the prediction comes in. If you think your opponent will switch to a different Pokémon on their team, use the move that will do the most damage to that Pokémon instead. If you are already locked into a move because of the Choice Band, and you think your opponent will switch on that turn, switch out on the same turn as they do.

Finally, if you send out Primeape, and you dislike the matchup for some reason, go for U-Turn. This will allow you to switch out while also doing significant damage.

Things to Watch Out For

  1. Knock Off. This move is very common in the current metagame. It removes the opponent’s Item, which would be detrimental to a Choice Banded Primeape that relies on its item for extra damage.
  2. Iron Barbs/Rough Skin/Rocky Helmet. You will see this set most commonly on a Garchomp or Ferrothorn. The opponent’s Ability deals damage to you when you make contact, and so does the Rocky Helmet, so a combination of both could be detrimental to a Primeape using Superpower or even U-Turn.
  3. Fast Sweepers. These Pokémon will easily out-speed Primeape and take it out in one hit. If you see a common fast sweeper, such as Greninja, switch to a different member of your party that can take the hit.

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