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Pokémon mascots 2014 FIFA World Cup

Strongest Mega Evolution: Act I

Strongest Mega Evolution: Act I posterA new Pokémon special will be aired on April 3 in Japan called Strongest Mega Evolution – Act I. The special will star a new main character named Alan who is obsessed with Mega Evolution. He wants to master Mega Evolution and challenge every Mega Pokémon.

In this special, Alan has a Charizard that evolves into a Mega Charizard X. Notable Mega Evolutions we will see are Mega Absol, Mega Garchomp and Mega Blastoise.

This is the second Pokémon special that does not star Ash as the protagonist. I’m happy to see Pokémon moving away from Ash and Pikachu to more dynamic characters.

Prism Tower in Super Smash Bros.

It was announced that Prism Tower in Lumiose City will be featured in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. From the screenshots available, it looks like we will be able to battle both inside and outisde Prism Tower.

Pokémon as mascots for Japan in 2014 FIFA World Cup

Pikachu and 10 other Pokémon will be the official mascot of Japan’s national football team nicknamed the Blue Samurai. The 10 other Pokémon are the three Kanto starters (Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander), the three Kalos starters (Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin), Meowth, Litleo, Pancham and Helioptile.
Pikachu 2014 FIFA World Cup

Pokémon of the Episode: #663 Talonflame

663 TalonflameTalonflame is the Scorching Pokémon. It can have the Abilities Flame Body or the Hidden Ability Gale Wings. It stands at 3’11” (1.2m) tall and weighs 54 pounds (24.5kg). Talonflame is Fire and Flying-type.

Fletchling evolves into Fletchinder at level 17 and into Talonflame at level 32.

Fletchling has a different Ability, Big Pecks, which changes to Flame Body once it evolves into Fletchinder.

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