Gale Wings Talonflame

663 TalonflameTalonflame is a Pokémon that has become extremely popular in competitive play since Pokémon X and Y came out. Its stats are decent, but what makes it live up to its full potential is its Hidden Ability: Gale Wings. This Ability increases the Priority of all Flying-type moves by 1, meaning that they will go before other ordinary moves.

Brave Bird is the go-to move on a Talonflame, since it is the most powerful Flying-type attack, and it will usually go first, due to Gale Wings. Moves like Bulk Up and Roost make Talonflame harder to take down, while Tailwind makes your entire team faster. A more offensively focused Talonflame might have Swords Dance and U-Turn instead.

Gale Wings Talonflame
Ability Gale Wings
Held Item 1 Leftovers
Held Item 2 Life Orb
Move Set 1 Brave Bird, Roost, Bulk Up, Tailwind
Move Set 2 Brave Bird, Swords Dance, U-Turn, Flare Blitz
EV Spread 252 HP/ 252 Atk / 4 Sp Def
IVs HP 31 / Atk 31 / Def 31 / Sp. Atk – / Sp. Def 31 / Spd 0
Nature Adamant (+10% Atk, -10% Sp Atk)


Talonflame can be sent in at any time during the battle, but is especially useful on a weakened opponent. Using a Talonflame is pretty straightforward: hit hard and fast. Essentially what you want to do is repeatedly use Brave Bird to finish off an opposing Pokémon. Because of Gale Wings, Brave Bird will go first, and hopefully you will KO your opponent before they can even move.

Once Talonflame has a good deal of damage on it, which can happen quickly from recoil damage, use Roost to heal 50% health. Since Roost is a Flying-type, it will also go before your opponent can act. Bulk Up or Swords Dance can be used if you think that your opponent is not going to attack you that turn. These moves boost Talonflame’s Attack to make it even more formidable, and Bulk Up also boosts Defense, making it into more of a tanky Pokémon.

Things to Watch Out For

  1. Stealth Rocks. This entry hazard deals damage when you switch in a Pokémon. Since Talonflame is 4x weak to Rock-type, Stealth Rocks deals 50% of its maximum HP. If you plan on using Talonflame, make sure you have a Rapid Spinner to remove entry hazards from your side of the field.
  2. Iron Barbs/Rocky Helmet/Rough Skin. These abilities and item all deal damage when an opponent makes contact with the Pokémon with the ability or item. This additional damage on top of Brave Bird recoil and Life Orb (if you use it) can quickly add up, and devastate a Talonflame.
  3. Rock-type Attacks. These type attacks are 4x effective against Talonflame, and could potentially 1-hit-KO it.

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