FSPR 15 PokeBalls


Today, we are discussing PokeBalls. I was sick during the show, so please excuse the sniffles.

PokeBalls – Bulbapedia.
Apricorns – Bulbapedia.
Ball Capsules – Bulbapedia.
Seals – Bulbapedia.
TCG HG/SS expansion in 2010.
TCG Reviving Legends expansion – Feb 2010.
Jamie McGonnigal speaks out in honor of World AIDS Day.
*Anti-Anti-Pokemon – The Cave of Dragonflies
*Is Pokemon Childish? – The Cave of Dragonflies

Pokemon of the Episode: #154 Meganium
Question of the Episode: Where do you see the Pokemon franchise going in the future? (Is Pokemon slowly dying? Can Pokemon survive for another decade?)

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