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Fish Plays Pokémon

In the shadow of the Twitch Plays Pokémon phenomenon, a new idea has been born – Fish Plays Pokémon. A betta fish named Grayson Hopper has been tasked with the tremendous effort of playing through Pokémon Red version.

Poké Ball Patterned Vivillon Wi-Fi distribution for the Americas

To commemorate the opening of the Pokémon Center website, the Poké Ball Patterned Vivillon will be distributed via Wi-Fi from August 6 to August 12. This distribution event is only for American region Pokémon X and Pokémon Y games.

Pokémon Center website officially opened

The Pokémon Center website is finally opened for Pokémon fans to shop at and enjoy! As of August 6, the online store opened its doors and is selling a lot of awesome Pokémon merchandise.

“Choiced” Gardevoir

282-GardevoirGardevior is a third generation Pokémon that was made relevant again in Pokémon X and Y, with the introduction of a Mega Evolution. However, Gardevior is most efficient when it holds a Choice item instead of a Mega Stone; either a Choice Scarf or the Choice Specs.

Stalling Shuckle

ShuckleShuckle is a very unique Pokémon. Its Defense and Special Defense are outclassed by none, yet its other stats are pitiful. If it wasn’t for its low HP, nothing would be able to take this Pokémon out.

Choice Banded Primeape

PrimeapePrimeape is an average Pokémon with average stats. However, it can learn a handful of highly damaging moves, and with the help of a Choice Band, you can deal some seriois damage.

Contrary Malamar

687 MalamarMalamar is a new Pokemon in X and Y that few people use in competitive battling. However, its Ability Contrary can be one of the most powerful in the game.

No Gaurd Golurk

GolurkGolurk is a very unique Pokémon that was introduced in Black and White. It has a fantastic Attack stat, and an interesting No Guard Ability.

Special Sweeping Drifblim

426 DrifblimDrifblim is one of those Pokémon that will be forever remembered as one of the most annoying Pokémon to take out. This lends itself perfectly to competitive battling.

Rain Team Sweeper Ludicolo

LudicoloLudicolo is often utilized on Rain teams because of his two Abilities, Rain Dish and Swift Swim, both of which give benefits to Ludicolo in the rain. However, Ludicolo is mostly only used to set up the Rain condition, or as a Special Wall. However, it has a lot of untapped potential as a Special Sweeper as well.