Stalling Shuckle

ShuckleShuckle is a very unique Pokémon. Its Defense and Special Defense are outclassed by none, yet its other stats are pitiful. If it wasn’t for its low HP, nothing would be able to take this Pokémon out.

Shuckle’s stats make it an ideal Stall Wall. Essentially what this is is a Pokémon that sets up residual damage such as Toxic or Infestation, and stays alive long enough using moves like Substitute or Protect and waiting for their opponent to die.

Sandstorm Teams love Shuckle. Shuckle is a Rock type Pokémon, meaning his already astronomical Sp Def gets boosted even higher in a Sandstorm, and the sandstorm also deals more residual damage to opponent Pokémon that aren’t Rock, Ground, or Steel types, helping Shuckle’s stall. If you want to use Shuckle, consider him for a Sandstorm team.

Stalling Shuckle
Ability Sturdy
Held Item Leftovers
Move Set Toxic, Infestation, Protect, Substitute
EV Spread 252 HP / 228 Def / 28 Sp Def
IVs HP 31 / Atk – / Def 31 / Sp. Atk 31 / Sp. Def 31 / Spd 0
Nature Sassy (+10% Sp Def, -10% Spd)


On the first turn Shuckle is in battle, use Substitute to protect Shuckle from damage as it sets up its residual damage. On the next turn, use Toxic, then Protect, then use Infestation, then Protect.

Essentially, just alternate Protect with Infestation or Substitute if your Sub was broken. This will keep Shuckle alive long enough to kill your opponent.

If your opponent switches out when they aren’t trapped by Infestation, you have to re-set up your Toxic and Infestation on the new Pokémon.

Shuckle’s strategy isn’t glorious, and it is tedious, but it works.

Things to Watch Out For

  1. Taunt. This move prevents opponents from using a move that does not deal direct damage. Therefore, Shuckle would only be able to use Infestation, and has no protection for itself. If Shuckle gets Taunted, switch it out immediately.
  2. Steel Type Pokémon. Steel types are immune to Toxic, and Sandstorm, and Steel type attacks are Super Effective against Shuckle.
  3. Magic Guard. This ability makes the user immune to indirect damage, like Toxic, Infestation, and Sandstorm, so Shuckle essentially has no leverage on them.

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One comment on “Stalling Shuckle
  1. Dustin says:

    I run a stall shuckle but it’s a little different than the one you suggested. I have a contrary Shuckle (stat boosts become drops and drops become boosts). With this I use Shell Smash to raise my Def and SpD (while all other stats are drastically reduced… doesn’t matter at all though). I use rest when and if I need to recovery Hp or remove status such as burn or poison. I then use the combination of toxic and infestation. My hold item is Binding Band so each turn of infestation removes 1/6 of their health and as the work will happen whether I’m asleep or awake I am free to sleep at any point as they wither and fall.

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