Vanilluxe Wall

584 VanilluxeVanilluxe is a Generation V Pokemon that often is criticized for its odd design, but is a decent Pokemon to use in battle. Its stats are nothing to rave about, but its ability Ice Body, as well as some of the moves it can learn, gives it fantastic survivability.

The move hail sets up the weather condition that heals Vanilluxe and damages its opponents, and Light Screen and Acid Armor essentially double Vanilluxe’s defenses. Substitute and Protect keep Vanilluxe alive, while Toxic and Weather Ball will whittle away your opponent’s HP.

Vanilluxe is great on any team, but especially Hail-centric teams.

Vanilluxe Wall
Ability Ice Body
Held Item 1 Leftovers
Held Item 2 Icy Rock
Move Set 1 Hail, Weather Ball, Light Screen, Acid Armor
Move Set 2 Hail, Protect, Substitute, Toxic
EV Spread 252 HP/ 216 Def / 40 Sp Def
IVs HP 31 / Atk – / Def 31 / Sp. Atk 31 / Sp. Def 31 / Spd 31
Nature Calm (+10% Def, -10% Atk)


Vanilluxe can really be used at any time during a battle. However, if you rely on it to set up Hail for your team, send it out first.

On the fist turn in battle, use Hail, so you gain full benefit of Ice Body. Next, set up Defense Buffs like Light Screen or Acid Armor. If you carry Substitute, it can be used before or after the Defense boosts. Next, alternate Protect with other moves, like Toxic and Weather Ball, to keep Vanilluxe alive as much as possible while slowly taking out your opponent.

Every turn you protect, you get free HP from Ice Body and Leftovers. Each gives 1/16 of max HP at the end of every turn, but this can add up. After you attack on one turn, you gain 1/8 of your Max HP back, then after you Protect the next turn, you gain another 1/8 of your Max HP, for a total of 1/4 regained. Since Substitute takes 1/4 of your HP to protect you from attacks, you can theoretically gain back all that HP in 2 turns.

Things to Watch Out For

  1. Other weather users. These Pokemon can cancel out Vanilluxe’s Hail. It’s best to take out these threats early on, so they can’t keep setting up their weather throughout the battle.
  2. Taunt. This move prevents the user from using non-damaging moves. Since Vanilluxe revolves around non-damaging moves, this could be a problem. If Vanilluxe gets Taunted, switch it out immediately.
  3. Steel Types. These Pokemon are immune to Toxic, and resist the Ice-type weather ball. They are incredibly hard to take out using Vanilluxe, so KO them with something else.

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