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Will Nintendo’s innovations with the Nintendo Wii U be its own downfall, or will it be able to push through to succeed and be better than we could have ever expected?
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McDonald’s Happy Meals to Include Pokémon Toy and TCG Card

Starting May 23, 2014, McDonald’s restaurants in the United States will be including a Pokémon “battle launcher” toy and one of 12 Pokémon trading cards. The “battle launcher” toys include Pikachu, Xerneas, Yveltal and Charizard, among others. The trading cards are reprints which will include Pikachu from the XY Expansion Set and 11 cards from the Kalos Starter Set. The promotion will end on June 12, 2014.

Game Freak Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

Steven Reich of PokéPress interviews Ralph Schuckett (part 2)


Ralph Schuckett

This is the second half of an interview by PokéPress’ Steven Reich with composer Ralph Schuckett. The first half of the interview can be heard in episode 74 of Pokédex Radio. During this portion of the interview, Schuckett discusses his involvement with Pokémon: The Movie 2000 and his endeavors in teaching music.

These are the websites that Schuckett mentions in the interview:

Game Theory – Nintendo Wii U is the New Virtual Boy

Game Theory – Are Gamers Killing Video Games?

Game Theory – Flappy Bird, PewDiePie, and Pasta Sauce

Question of the Episode

What do you think is the future of Nintendo?

Pokémon of the Episode: #169 Crobat

169 CrobatCrobat is the Bat Pokémon. It can have the Abilities Inner Focus or the Hidden Ability Infiltrator. It stands at 5’11” (1.8m) tall and weighs 165.3 pounds (75kg). Crobat is Poison- and Flying-type.

Zubat evolves into Golbat at level 22, then evolves into Crobat when it has a high level of happiness.


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2 comments on “What is the future of the Nintendo Wii U? – FSPR80
  1. Profile photo of Mark Mark says:

    Hey Austin great show,
    The answer to your question:
    Ironically the thing that seems to be “killing” Nintendo in the minds of so many is lack of third party support, but the thing that will forever save them in my most humble opinion is their 1st party “household name” franchises. They have a monopoly on Video Game Nostalgia. People like you and me who started playing Pokemon/LOZ/Mario, etc as kids, now in our 20’s, have the fondest memories of those games. I will continue to support Nintendo because they were responsible for so much joy growing up. That is why they continue to market to the younger demographic, the new generation of youngsters that will develop their own rose colored glasses based on these new Nintendo games.
    Nintendo well aware of this fan loyalty, refuses to play nice in the sandbox with the 3rd party devs because they know that no matter what, guys like you, Renee and myself have to go back to Nintendo to recreate that childhood magic. Mario, Link, Pikachu are household names, Kratos, Nathan Drake, Sack-boy… not so much, and it will be a cold day in heck before you will see the IIalian plumber or the electric mouse gracing a machine that doesnt have NINTENDO plastered all over it with their presence. Maybe if you can pull them from Nintendo’s cold dead hands.
    Nintendo continues to dabble in new and unique gaming arenas, be it fitness gaming/ 3d gaming/ motion controls etc. And care little to what the 18-32 year old hardcore demographic has to say about it, usually cries of gimmick and novelty. For better or for worse. That is why 3rd parties have cast them aside as difficult to deal with. They do not even like to give out their updated kits to 3rd party developers so those feelings are well deserved. No one will outdo Nintendo’s own software developers.
    I think the verdict on the Wii U is still out. Expect the new Mariokart game (the best selling Wii title of all time) to really alleviate some of the issue. I look for Nintendo to continue to redefine what a game/gamer should look like. To continue to push the envelope and explore new innovative gaming mechanics. Sometimes they will strike out – virtual boy… and sometimes they will hit a homerun (getting my 90 year old grandma to digitally bowl with me on Thanksgiving is a flipping homerun in my book.), and if Pikachu, Mario, and Link are in…. well be right there with them.

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  2. Profile photo of Etho Etho says:

    honestly I think nintendo has a large future because this is just one mistake like the virtual boy and nintendo has the 3ds 3dsxl and 2ds to get them money. I think nintendo needs to just move on and make a new console in about 5-7 more years. Also, nintendo has probably still TONS OF MONEY from their old days of gaming.

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