FSPR 38 Thoughts On A Live Action Pokemon Movie and New Mewtwo Forme Confirmed


#340 Whiscash, Art by Ken Sugimori

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The new Mewtwo forme has been officially announced and will be showcased in the 16th Pokemon movie ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo’s Awakening. It is still currently not known exactly how we will be able to get it in the new Pokemon X and Y versions.

A live action Pokemon movie is always an interesting idea and something sought after by Pokemon fans around the world. We have already seen a few live action Dragon Ball Z movies, including the train-wreck of a movie Dragonball: Evolution. There are plenty of better short films made by talented filmmakers on YouTube, and they have done better than Hollywood.

One Pokemon short film “trailer” was uploaded to the YouTube channel Megasteakman back in 2010. Pokemon Apokelypse was one of the best videos that I have ever seen based off of the Pokemon story line and set in a apocalyptic world where battles have been outlawed. The only criticism I have are the 3D animations of the Pokemon. It’s still a great attempt for someone filming, directing, and animating it on their own.

Another great adaptation of a live action Pokemon Youtube video is Tom Antos’ Pokemon: The After Years. He did a much better job at animating the Pokemon characters. I applaud his efforts and hope to see more of his work, if he decides to do another.

Of course, there are many advancements in 3D animation, but I don’t see anything realistic in our near future. As a filmmaker, I would love to make my own live action Pokemon film.

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