FSPR 48 Orotto, Shiny Creation Trio Event, and A “Surprise Collaboration” Game

Horde battle of Orotto from Nintendo Direct trailer.

Horde battle of Orotto from Nintendo Direct trailer.

The new tree-like Pokemon Orotto has been revealed in a Nintendo Direct trailer aired on the Nintendo eShop. This creepy looking tree is one of the latest Generation VI Pokemon to be seen since E3 2013 a few months ago. With only two more more months until Pokemon X and Pokemon Y versions finally get released to the world, I am salivating at the idea of getting my hands on this awesome game.

Originally the trailer was shown after the Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo’s Awakening movie in Japan, but I have it here for you to watch below. Check out a lot of the new things shown in the trailer that go by so fast, it’s hard to even notice. Here is a list of the things I found interesting:

  • A parked car in Lumoise City (00:12)
  • Train tracks (00:13)
  • Fennekin’s punching move (00:20)
  • Hoard Battle against Orrotto (00:30)
  • Charizard using Fire Blast against Flygon in a Sky Battle … nothing special, just looked awesome (00:34)
  • Underwater battling? (00:41)
  • Mewtwo’s crazy attack against Xerneas (00:46)

Also, a new GAME FREAK game is coming out that combines solitaire and horse racing. I don’t even know what to say about it. I’m just going to chalk it up to another weird Japanese video game. It looks cute, the horses are chubby looking, and it’s available in the Nintendo eShop in Japan.


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