EV Training using Super Training in Pokémon X and Y

Super Training is by far the easiest way to use when EV training your Pokémon in Pokémon X and Y, and is the best method for beginners. This method involves playing mini-games in which you shoot soccer balls at goals while avoiding the balls being shot back at you by giant balloon Pokémon. This process can become a little tedious, but the results are worth it.

What you’ll need

  • The main Pokémon you want to start EV training
  • A “throw-away” Pokémon (first time only)
  • Around and 1-1½ hours of free time
  • Some patience


  1. Access the Super Training feature on the touch screen. If this is your first time doing this, have your “throw-away” Pokémon ready.
  2. Using the “throw-away” Pokémon, complete the tutorial. (If you have done this already, skip this step)
  3. Still using the “throw-away” Pokémon, complete the mini-games in levels 1 and 2 for all stat categories. This unlocks all the levels, and gives you a little practice. (Again, if you have done this, skip this step)
  4. Decide which 2 stats you would like to train your main Pokémon in. The most basic spread for attackers is Speed and whichever type of attack (Special or Physical) it specializes in. For walls, HP and either of the defenses is most common.
  5. Play the mini-games for those two stats until they are maxed out. It is not advisable to immediately start with the Level 3 game, since your Pokémon won’t deal much damage per hit yet. Once you have a decent amount of EVs overall, move on to Level 3. You will deal more damage if you have more EVs.
  6. To speed up the process even further, use the punching bags you are awarded for beating the mini-games. Large stat bags take a while to break, but give you 12 EVs, and medium bags give you 4 EVs. Small bags only give you 1 EV, and are pretty useless, so don’t waste time using them. Double-Up bags are very good, since they double your EVs from the next game you play, but should be saved for Level 3 for maximum efficiency.
  7. Once both stats are as high as possible (you will know they are maxed out when you are unable to gain any more EVs in that stat), choose one more stat to put the final 6 EVs in.
  8. Complete a Level 2 game in that stat.
  9. Make sure to save your game when you are done, so you don’t lose any of your hard work.

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