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Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Super Music Collection is now available on iTunes. This is the third Pokémon soundtrack that has been released within the past year. The HeartGold and SoulSilver Super Music Collection contains 270 tracks from the HeartGold and SoulSilver video games. The entire album costs $9.99 USD on iTunes, but individual tracks can be purchased for 99 cents each. Don’t buy them individually, you’ll waste an extra $260 that way.

I still have not yet purchased the Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Super Music Collection that I talked about in episode 66 of the podcast, nor the Pokémon X and Y Super Music Collection, but I do plan on buying all three Super Music Collection albums soon. These albums are a great complement to each other very well and bring back a huge wave of nostalgia when listening to some of the songs. I’ll be honest, my favorite song out of the whole album is probably Pokégear Radio: Pokémon Lullaby. There was nothing like walking through the tall grass and listening to that song. It not only helped to repel wild Pokémon, but it was absolutely calming.

Want to purchase the Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Super Music Collection on iTunes?

Here’s a link to get to the iTunes page – Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Super Music Collection on iTunes.
This is not an affiliate link, so I won’t earn any money if you click this link. I just thought I’d make things easier for you by providing a quick link to iTunes.

Question of the Episode

Do you think the Pokémon Company is grasping at straws to bring in older fans back? Or do you think that the Pokémon Company is trying to bring in the children that some older fans now have?

Pokémon of the Episode: #681 Aegislash

Aegislash is the Royal Sword Pokémon. It has a signature Ability called Change Stance. It stands at 5’07” (1.7m) tall and weighs 116.8 pounds (53kg). Aegeislash is Steel- and Ghost-type.

Honedge evolves into Doublade at level 35, and then evolves into Aegislash when introduced to a Dusk Stone.

Aegislash’s Ability allows it to switch its offensive and defensive stats. When using an offensive move, it will change to its Blade Forme and remain that way until it is switched out or uses its signature move Kings Shield. When it uses the move Kings Shield, it reverts back to its defensive Shield Forme.

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6 comments on “Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Super Music Collection – FSPR71
  1. Profile photo of Nick Grimm Nick Grimm says:

    I think Nintendo is trying to do a combination of both. They want to keep the older fans, but also want a newer generation to get into it as well. Unfortunately the Pokemon rabbit hole is so deep now I think between all the shows movies and games its just too overwhelming. I don’t know though since I’ve been watching the show since season one so its not too difficult to understand for me.

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    • Profile photo of Austin Austin says:

      I’ve always felt that Pokémon has been kind of repeating things as they go along. Then again, I haven’t kept up with the anime as much as I should have. To me, it’s still Team Rocket trying to capture Pikachu every episode.

  2. Profile photo of ryan ryan says:

    I think it reaches out to both generations because of an event that happened to me on Saturday when the show aired. My son is 6 and was never really into Pokemon, he knows I like it, I mean we share a 3ds primarily so I can play pokemon x but never truely liked it until Saturday. He came downstairs singing what was to me the original Pokemon theme song but in his eyes was the theme song to Pokemon x that he saw earlier that morning on cartoon network. When I asked him where he heard that he said Pokemon x on TV and went on and on about how he loved it and it just started and now he wants games and clothes and movies all of Pokemon so I thank Pokemon for allowing me to share that loving bond of Pokemon with my son and to the comment above I feel that like my son the new generation of trainers can continue from where we leave off in our old Pokemon careers hense why Nintendo has added old Pokemon into all of the newer games and continues to remake the older games as time goes on, for the new generations of trainers to come, thank you and LONG LIVE POKEMON

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    • Profile photo of Austin Austin says:

      Ryan, I think that’s an awesome thing to hear your son singing the intro song to the Pokémon anime that he has experienced. You, as a veteran Pokémon Trainer, know the roots of the theme song. It’s a wonderful thing that we, as veteran Pokémon Trainers, are now seeing younger generations pick up on the game and anime. It makes me feel old. haha.

  3. Hmmmm I’m new to this site but i saw the pod. Pokemon has a Somewhat small fanbase andso getting the people with kids and more kids. Now for me I start to think that, are they going to restart in a same way again in a time period or start when they don’t get the set bar of sales the last game? I fret that they will break their own game by making this MISTAKE AGAIN, I hope not but i somewhat like the classics so the restart isnt that bad but still…… Pokemon you may want to think before you act…….OK?

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    • Profile photo of Austin Austin says:

      Malcolm, I would like if you elaborated a little bit about what you mean about Pokémon making a mistake again. If you’re talking about FireRed and LeafGreen, I thought those games brought the Kanto region back to life and allowed me to relive a lot of my previous experiences. Unless you’re talking about Ruby and Sapphire? Then yes, that game took out so many revolutionary things that Gold and Silver brought into the Pokémon video games like the day/night changes, the radio, and the phone. It still upsets me that Ruby and Sapphire were kind of a step back from Gold and Silver.

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