FSPR 46 Fan-Made Pokemon Myths and Stories and A Decade of PokeBeach

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So many fans have imagined their own stories to help make sense of some of the oddities of the Pokemon world. We have also seen many seemingly real myths about the Pokemon games, such as the Green version’s Lavender Town Syndrome myth. PokeBeach also recently celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary. Congratulations to the site and webmaster for such dedication and hard work!

In the age of the Internet, there are many different myths and stores about the Pokemon world conjured up by fans. In my opinion, the one that sticks out like a sore thumb among the rest is the Lavender Town Syndrome myth. This was a rumor created on the Internet claiming that music from the original Japanese versions of the Pokemon Red and Green video games caused many children to become suicidal.

Other fan-made stories try to account for why there are so few adult men found in the Pokemon video games, and so many children and mothers. This story points to a war that was fought in the Pokemon world. Lt. Surge also plays a part in this story due to the other trainers in the Vermilion Gym claiming that Lt. Surge was their “strict commanding officer.” Surge also claims that his Pokemon once saved his life. Also, he’s a freaking Lieutenant – of what army? I don’t see any military forces in any of the Pokemon games or anime. This is one of my personal favorite theories.

The PokeBeach website just reached an admirable milestone of 10 years. I hope to one day do the same with Pokedex Radio; I’m almost half way there as of this post. My hat is off to PokeBeach and it’s webmaster Water Pokemon Master. I kind of wish I knew the guy’s name to congratulate him personally by name, but it’s late as I’m writing this post and a simple Google search didn’t give me any results. This is what true passion looks like, a full 10 years and counting dedication to one of the greatest franchises in video game history. Keep up the good work, PokeBeach!

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