Bulky Physical Aegislash

681-AegislashAegislash is a very strange Pokémon due to its signature ability, odd typing, and unique stats. In its Blade Forme, its Attack and Special Attack stats are second only to Mega Evolutions and Legendary Pokémon, and in its Shield Forme, its defenses are astronomical. However, Aegislash’s HP and Speed stats are low, making it difficult for it to be a conventional attacker or defender. However, this Pokémon is excellent for competitive battling, especially on a Trick Room style team.

Moves like King’s Shield and Swords Dance help you set up your Aegislash, while attacks such as Gyro Ball (which becomes more powerful the slower the user is than the target) and Sacred Sword (which ignores the target’s stat boosts) allow you to take out your opponent’s Pokémon.

This Pokémon learns a lot of good physical moves, but not many special attacks, making it lean towards the role of a physical sweeper.

Bulky Physical Aegislash
Ability Stance Change
Held Item Life Orb (for a more offensive build)
Held Item 2 Leftovers (for a more defensive build)
Move Set for Single Battles  King’s Shield, Gyro Ball, Sacred Sword, Shadow Sneak
Move Set for Double Battles  King’s Shield, Swords Dance, Gyro Ball, Sacred Sword
EVs 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Sp. Def
IVs HP 31 / Atk 31 / Def 31 / Sp. Atk 31 / Sp. Def 31 / Spd 0
Nature Brave (+10% Atk, -10% Spd)


Aegislash functions best on a Trick Room team. Trick room teams revolve around the move Trick Room, which allows slower Pokémon to go first for five turns. This allows Aegislash to strike quickly due to its low speed. Trick Room works best in a Double Battle format.

On the first turn of a Double Battle, send out the Pokémon that knows Trick Room and Aegislash. Use Trick Room on the first Pokémon, and King’s Shield on Aegislash. Since Trick Room will always go last, it will take a turn to set up, leaving Aegislash vulnerable so it is best to protect. On the next turn, use Swords Dance to double Aegislash’s Attack, then proceed to completely obliterate your opponent’s team with Gyro Ball or Sacred Sword.

In a Single Battle, it is much harder to use Trick Room, so it is advised that you do not. Instead, when using Aegislash in Singles, alternate attacks with King’s Shield. Since you will most likely be slower than your opponent, you will switch to Blade Forme after they have already attacked you. When you use King’s Shield the next turn, you will switch back to Shield Forme before they can even attack. This way, you will never take an attack when you are in Blade Forme with weak defenses. Once your opponent has low HP, hit it with a priority Shadow Sneak to finish it off.

Things to Watch Out For

  1. Other Trick Room teams: These teams will be able to function with Trick Room set up as well, so some of the Pokémon might attack before Aegislash.
  2. Taunt: Even though this would not really affect Aegislash, it will stop your Trick Room Pokémon from setting up, and giving Aegislash a disadvantage.
  3. Will-o-Wisp: This move burns a Pokémon. If Aegislash is burned, its Attack stat is halved, making it almost useless.

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