Nuzlocke Challenge: The Golden Quest, Rules

This is my very first Nuzlocke Challenge and I have decided to share it with you here. I did this run in Pokémon Gold, hope you all enjoy! Since in Pokémon Gold, it takes a while to actually start, I just picked my first Pokémon based off of a six-sided dice roll (1,2 Fire; 3,4 Water; 5,6 Grass). Also, this is my first time playing through a Generation II game, besides my Pokémon Silver game, which I am at the third Gym on. Also, to wrap up this intro, I will do a post between every Gym every week, unless its a place with a lot of battles such as Bellsprout Tower.

This post is just so I can lay out some ground rules for this Nuzlocke Challenge that I’m going to call “The Golden Quest.” I hope  you follow me on my journey through the Johto region!

Nuzlocke Challenge Rules:

  • Each Route is a new “area” and is considered free game to catch a new Pokémon.
  • After a Pokémon faints it will be permanently released.

Optional Rules:

  • Because it’s my first Nuzlocke Challenge, I rule that I save after each Gym battle. I will use the checkpoint system, provided I white out.
  • Can’t catch a Pokémon I’ve caught before, CAN catch evolutions. If it’s a past evolution, I can’t let it evolve.
  • Breeding is allowed, provided the offspring is one I haven’t used yet.
  • If I white out with all my party Pokémon, but I still have some in my PC, I must release all my party Pokémon and use what’s in my PC.
  • Anytime I have to make a decision between two or more options, I’ll just settle it with a dice roll.
  • On the off chance I find a Shiny I can catch it no matter what because, well, it’s a Shiny.
  • Finally, the use of legendary Pokemon (Such as Lugia, Ho-Oh, and the legendary beasts) is prohibited.

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One comment on “Nuzlocke Challenge: The Golden Quest, Rules
  1. Profile photo of Hinaku Hinaku says:

    Good luck on your Nuzlocke!! I hear you get a closer bond with your Pokemon when playing. I’ve seen grown men cry. Remember to have fun too!

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