Nuzlocke Challenge: The Golden Quest, Zephyr Badge

The Adventure Begins

Upon waking up and going downstairs my mother tells me my PokéGear is fixed and I’m to go see Professor Elm. I go to Professor Elm and I’m told I am to deliver a package to his good friend Mr. Pokémon. He gives me a choice between three companions to take on this errand. I roll the dice and get 5. That’s a Grass-type, otherwise known as Chikorita! He was level 5 and I named him Nero.

After I complete the beginning and defeat my rival, Isadro, and his Cyndaquil I am finally ready to officially start my journey. Nero is now at level 8. I start on Route 29, right outside of the Littleroot Town. My first encounter was a Sentret. I have Nero use a Headbutt, my lowest damage attack, and Nero completely murders the Sentret. Looks like I have to wait until the next new Route.

On my way to Cherrygrove City, still angry about my lost Sentret, I decide to go into the small accessible part of Route 46 to hopefully catch one. My encounter here was a Geodude. Once again I use my lowest form of attack with Nero, and once again another potential party member faints. Looks like I have to wait until Route 30.

Finally at Route 30, I quickly jump on the chance to hopefully not kill another Pokemon. I go into the grass and a wild Pidgey appears! Of course I use Headbutt, twice, and I leave Pidgey with just enough HP. I caught him, and welcomed Jericho to my team! Finally I have another.  Jericho was only a level 4 when I caught him, and I’m anal when it comes to team leveling, so I decided to start the long grind. Eventually Jericho and Nero were evenly leveled at level 8 and I felt confident enough for my first actual battles.

Battle 1: Youngster Joey – Rattata.

Joey sent out Rattata, I sent out Nero. Nero uses Razor Leaf and OHKOs Rattata, growing to level 9 in the process!

Battle 2: Youngster Mikey – Rattata and Pidgey.

I sweep Mikey fairly easily here, and acquired more Exp. for Jericho and Nero.

At this point I am eager to get to Route 31 and find a new friend. I purposefully try to avoid trainers as I make my way through the grass when suddenly, a wild Metapod appears! Now is when I realize how annoying this challenge is going to be, but I sick Jericho on Metapod, and welcomed Betty to the team. At level 5 and only knowing one move, Harden, this is going to take a lot of grinding if I want to do any sort of damage to Falkner and acquire the Zephyr Badge.

Violet City

So after much grinding, and another fight with Bug Catcher Wade, who seemed to love Caterpie, I was ready to go into Violet City and challenge Falkner. Making haste after I use the Pokémon Center, I enter the gym and am immediately challenged by Bird Keeper Abe, and his Spearow. I sent out Betty to begin with so I can get her some Exp. for participation. Quickly I switch to Nero, expecting to Razor Leaf Spearrow. Well I used Razor Leaf, which barely does any damage at all, while Spearow’s Peck almost KOs Nero! This is when I realize I am ill-prepared to fight this guy, let alone Falkner, but it was too late now, so I send out Jericho in hopes a Flying-type would take less damage.

Multiple potions and Gust Attacks later, I barely manage to defeat Abe. Nero is at less than half HP, and Jericho is literally only at 11 HP. Not wanting to loose my Pokémon from my stupid mistakes, I heal them up and continue the monotony that is grinding. Eventually, I get bored of Route 31 so I delve into the shuffle puzzle in the Ruins of Alph, hoping to get a new friend to help me defeat Falkner.

Ruins of Alph

After falling through the floor from solving the puzzle, I immediately encounter Unown. Not ever fighting with one before I was eager to add one to my party. I had Jericho go after it, and after getting the HP down to a safe amount, I throw a Poké Ball and Unown escapes from the Ball! Foolishly, I thought I could weaken it more – that ended up killing it and thus prevents me from catching anything else from the Ruins of Alph.

At this point I am ready to go after Falkner. I once again use the Pokémon Center and continue into the Gym to fight Bird Keeper Rod. He sent out two Pidgeys, and I sent out Jericho, hoping my Flying v. Flying strategy would still work. Jericho took care of both of them using his Gust and Tackle combo. Now the moment of truth.

Battle With Gym Leader Falkner

  • Falkner sent out Pidgey, I lead off with Betty, to level her up more.
  • I then withdraw Betty and send out Jericho. Pidgey used tackle, IT MISSED!
  • Jericho used Gust and once again Pidgey uses tackle, and it works this time!
  • Again Jericho uses Gust, again Pidgey used Tackle and misses, and Jericho KOs Pidgey with a Tackle.

Jericho grows to Level 11!

  • Falkner then sends out Pidgeotto.
  • Being ignorant, I have Jericho use Gust again, but it barely affects Pidgeotto.
  • Suddenly Pidgeotto uses gust on Jericho – minus 6 HP!
  • In attempt to be cunning, I actually use Sand Attack in hopes Pidgeotto will miss and not Critical Hit me.
  • Pidgeotto uses Gust once again – it lands. Minus 6 more HP on Jericho. This is when I start to get nervous.

My normal mindset when I play Pokémon is “go big or go home” which is good in a normal game, because you have nothing to loose. In this crazy challenge though all you have is things to loose. But unfortunately, I am still in my old mindset and instead of healing Jericho with a Potion this turn, so I use gust once again. It hits Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto does the same, and I don’t know if it was luck, Arceus, or the Sand Attack from earlier, but Pidgeotto misses, which gives me enough time to heal Jericho with a Potion and finish off Falkner with one more Gust attack.


Current Party

Nero – Chikorita – Level 10
Jericho – Pidgey – Level 11
Betty – Metapod – Level 7

This concludes part one of my Nuzlocke Challenge. Next week, I journey to Bellsprout Tower in hopes of getting a Ghastly. Thank you for reading, and if you have any suggestions, tips, or just want to discuss this post comment below!

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2 comments on “Nuzlocke Challenge: The Golden Quest, Zephyr Badge
  1. Profile photo of Hinaku Hinaku says:

    Wow! I was really looking forward to how you would be doing this! I really think its great. Makes me want to try a Nuzlocke for Pokemon X.

    I’m rooting for you and Nero! I would love it if you made it through the entire play through with your starter.

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    • Profile photo of Nick Grimm Nick Grimm says:

      Thank you! And as far as your Nuzlocke good luck if you do it. I would love to make it all the way with Nero but I won’t make any effort to treat him any more special than the others. I just hope I don’t make any dumb decisions that result in the death of any of my party members. Anyway thanks again for reading!

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