Nuzlocke Challenge: The Golden Quest, The Battle of Bellsprout Tower

Bellsprout Tower

Shortly after I heal my Pokémon at the Center, Mr. Pokémon hands me the Mystery Egg. I now have a new team member. After receiving the egg I proceed on my way to Bellsprout Tower. I have been looking forward to this visit, so I could get a Ghastly and hopefully add some diversity to my team.

Eagerly, I step inside and go straight to the second floor, where Sage Niko challenged me to battle. I immediately send out Betty first, then switch to Nero. I know Grass-type against Grass-type makes for a slow battle, but I needed Nero to gain levels. Niko sent out 3 different Bellsprout.

“Nero, just keep it simple and use Tackle the whole time!” Obediently, my friend tackles each Bellsprout twice. I had won the first of many trials that lie ahead of me. After the battle, Nero grows to level 11.

My next opponent is Sage Chow. This time I use a combination of Jericho and Betty.

“Jericho, I know his Pokémon are under-leveled, but just use Gust on all of his and we can win!”

Jericho OHKOed all of them, growing to level 12 in the process. The next battle was with Sage Edmond.  Again, I use Betty and Nero. Nero seemed to have read my mind as he began to Tackle the first Bellsprout that lay ahead of him. Somehow, Nero manages to miss as the enemy. Bellsprout used Vinewhip. Fortunately for me, the Bellsprout missed as well. Nero continued to use Tackle on this,and the remaining two Bellsprout, winning the match.

Sage Jin locked eyes with me, initiating a new battle. I again send out Betty, then Nero. Nero, once again, used Tackle three times, but at a cost of six HP due to the enemy’s dangerous Vinewhip. Now was the time to stop underestimating my opponents.

My next battle was with Sage Neal. I had Nero use his signature Tackle attack, but again  I made the mistake of underestimating my  opponent. Neal’s Bellsprout knew Growth, which raised his attack. Nero was hit constantly with a barrage of Vinewhips. Nero manages to win, even growing to level 12 and learning Reflect in the process, but he was getting tired. Nero was now down to 8 HP, I could not afford to use him for another battle. I recalled Nero into his Poké Ball.

“Great job, Nero. You deserve to rest.”

I step into the next room, now was the moment of truth. The final battle lay ahead of me. Upon entering the room, I see the end of the current battle. I couldn’t believe my eyes at who it was. My rival, Isadro, won against Sage Li, the Elder. I overheard the Elder trainer telling Isadro to stop using his Pokémon as weapons. He laughed it off and jumped out of the window with an escape rope.

“That was a little overboard.” I say to myself as I begin my final battle. I send out Jericho and Betty this time. The rival Bellsrpout used Growth. Not wanting to take any chances I have Jericho use Gust. A one-hit knockout! The Elder smirks, then releases a Hoothoot. This threw me off my game a little, for I had just spent the last hour fighting Bellsprout. I decided to stay with Jericho, in hopes to win with my level. Like a flash of lightning, Hoothoot used Tackle, hitting Jericho, but not doing much damage. I had Jericho use Gust twice before the enemy fainted. One more Pokémon to defeat, I was ready for anything.

Sage Li smiled. “You indeed work well with your Pokémon, but this last battle shall be your downfall!” As soon as he said that, Sage Li released a Poké  Ball. I was nervous. What Pokémon could it be, would I lose Jericho to this unknown enemy? The Pokémon that appeared before my eyes was none other than … Bellsprout. I look at Jericho, nod my head, and he OHKOs the Pokémon, also growing into level 13.

“You did well indeed!” exclaimed the Elder. “For your victory, I award you with the move Flash! With this you can venture into dark caves to catch Pokémon.” I say my thanks, and go down a floor, still hoping to catch my Ghastly. After a few minutes I finally have my first encounter. Eagerly, I wait to see what dare attacked my noble clan of fighters. A wild Rattata appeared! Being an optimist, and knowing this was my chance to catch a new member, I throw out a Poké Ball right away. Rattata escaped the first Ball, but my hope did not waver. Again I throw out another Ball, nervous. The Ball shook, and my heart beat with anticipation. I closed my eyes, and finally hear the reassuring click. I welcomed my new party member, Cleo, to the team with open arms. She was small, only a level three, but I know I can craft her into an excellent fighter.

Violet City

I retreat to the Pokémon center, to heal up my teammates. I could now get another new teammate in the Dark Cave, now that I had the Flash move. I hit the button to initiate the scanning sequence, but only one of my Pokémon could learn the move. Reluctantly, I have Nero forget Growl in favor of Flash. I did not want to do it, but hopefully it pays off in the long run.

Dark Cave

I make haste eastward into the Dark Cave entrance. Almost instantly, I am met by a Geodude. Not wanting to lose this catch, I take out my last Poké Ball, and throw it at the hearty Geodude, hoping I could get lucky and catch it. The Ball shook, and wobbled, and wavered. After what seemed like an eternity the satisfying click lets me know I now have a full party.

“Welcome to the team, Jenny.” I smirk as I put her away and step out from the cave. As I look into the tall grass ahead, I know that I have to begin training hard now, I can’t lose any of my friends, I refuse to!”

Current Party Pokémon

Nero – Chikorita – Level 12
Jericho – Pidgey – Level 13
Egg (Name TBA)
Cleo – Rattata – Level 4
Jenny – Geodude – Level 3

Thank you all for reading! Come back next week for the next installment of The Golden Quest. Also, I would like to have a contest for the name of the Pokémon in the Mystery Egg. Comment below if you would like to name it, or if you would just like to discuss this addition to the Quest! Thanks again, Trainers!

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