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The Battle Analyzer is a brand new piece of software that exploits Pokémon X and Y Wi-Fi battles by letting you see what your opponent is going to do.

Battle Analyzer

Simply, Pokémon X and Y Wi-Fi battles just took a turn for the worst. This “battle analyser” software that is currently available online that allows you to see all about your opponent’s team during a Wi-Fi battles in Pokémon X and Y. It also allows you to see what your opponent has input into their game during a battle so that you can “predict” what he or she is going to do before you make your move.

This “Battle Analyser” software allows you to view your opponent’s team, the team’s moves, IVs, EVs, Natures, and Abilities. This gives you a huge upper-hand when battling, so you know what moves to use or what Pokémon to send out against your opponent.

This “battle analyser” software completely ruins the aspect of Wi-Fi battles. To be blunt, this is unfair. There are already enough problems with the online gaming world, this is just another step into the darkness. This is the difference between fun competitive gaming and just plain ruining it for everyone.

What do you think about this “battle analyser” program? Please post your thoughts in the comments below.

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8 comments on “Battle Analyzer and Setting Up A Pokedex Radio League – FSPR64
  1. Profile photo of Hinaku Hinaku says:

    This Battle Analyzer is so unfair. I think I fought against someone who used this. His attacks and defenses just felt a little to perfect…

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  2. Profile photo of Dre Dre says:

    I think some people were using this software to check IVs, natures, etc of Pokémon that they were getting traded, which I understand, and I think that this part is perfectly fair, if not a good idea, so that YOU don’t get cheated. Also there was this other thing with it, called a “shiny value” that guaranties a shiny hatch if the egg’s shiny value matches the trainers, which you can check with this software.
    However, the cheating at battles is downright stupid, and defeats the purpose of battling in the first place. I would think that using this software would not make the game any more fun, nor the victories any more rewarding. I like winning, but I like earning that win fair and square.

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    • Profile photo of Austin Austin says:

      I think it might have been a different, but similar, software that was able to check for IVs and Shinies and other things for yourself. I’m not 100% sure though. I find that to be useful to check for yourself. I’d love to see the IVs of my own Pokémon or check to see if I have a potentially Shiny egg.

      Cheating in Pokémon battles is stupid, I agree. Earning the win is definitely much more rewarding than cheating to get it.

  3. Cheating is just such a waste. What’s the point? What a cheater’s endgame? Is there some kind of absurd self-gratification from defeating others illegitimately? Whatever the case, I hope gamefreak finds a way to burn this with holy poke’fire! 😀

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    • Profile photo of Austin Austin says:

      Game Freak, Nintendo, or the Pokémon Company needs to find a way to either shut this software down or encrypt Wi-Fi data transfer.

      I said it once, and I’ll say a thousand times – this is a terrible piece of software that is being distributed around the Internet.

      I would much rather work through blood, sweat, and tears to the middle than cheat my way to the top. I can’t understand how cheating in a video game is satisfying in any way.

  4. Profile photo of The Doctor The Doctor says:

    Austin, listening to this podcast episode hit the nail on the head to join the forums and I am sure there has to be a way to encrypt traffic. But doesn’t the whole battle analyzer work only through wi-fi? I ask because it would be terrible if it did it with street pass. Luckily I haven’t encounter such battles as of yet.

    Like I said I am sure there is an encryption method for those trainers that want to prevent the unencrypted data to be set the way it is. If not whatever. Hopefully no one uses that here on the forums

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    • Profile photo of Austin Austin says:

      Luis, I’m glad you decided to join the forums here at Pokedex Radio.

      From my understanding, yes, this software only works over Wi-Fi and not over local Trades or Battles. I’m pretty sure this cheating software doesn’t do anything with Street Pass.

      If I catch wind of any Pokedex Radio forum members using this software, I would be extremely upset. As I’ve mentioned before, I want to build these forums into a Pokémon Trainer-friendly place void of cheating, stealing, or anything viewed as unfair or unethical in the Pokémon world.

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