Pokemon Origins: File 4 Charizard – Review and Initial Thoughts


“After defeating the Elite Four, Red is finally ready to challenge the Champion and take his strength to the next level.” – Pokémon TV excerpt

Initial Thoughts

Red, over the past three episodes of Pokemon Origins, has defeated all eight Kanto region Gym Leaders and foiled Team Rocket’s plans for world domination. He is now ready to face the Elite Four in the Indigo Plateau and challenge the Champion. Obviously, we know Blue is the current Champion.

Of course, we know Red becomes the Champion and then goes off to finish recording Pokémon in the Pokédex.


pokemon-origins-red-championThis episode starts off with Red walking out of Victory Road and entering the Indigo Plateau. There is a quick montage of him defeating the Elite Four. He then prepares to face off against the current Pokémon League Champion, Blue. This isn’t the most important part of the episode by any means. The good stuff happens in the second half.

After becoming the Champion, Red goes out to finish the Pokédex. He captures all 149 species of known Pokémon, and returns to Pallet Town to show Professor Oak. One of Professor Oak’s aides informs him that Blue isn’t doing well, so Red rushes off to see him. Blue tells him that he’s seen an incredibly strong Pokémon in the Cerulean Cave and it might have been a Psychich-type Pokémon because it used the moves Barrier and Confusion.

Professor Oak examines the stones that Mr. Fuji gave to Red, and speculates that Mr. Fuji might be Dr. Fuji of the Pokémon Lab on Cinnabar Island. Red then remembers the diary he found in the Pokémon Mansion, and Professor Oak tells him about Dr. Fuji’s research.

pokemon-origins-mega-charizard-xRed then travels to the Cerulean Cave to try to catch Mewtwo. During his incredible battle with Mewtwo, Red’s Charizard finally Mega Evolves using the Mega Stone given to him by Mr. Fuji. It was so cool to see Mega Charizard go all out on Mewtwo like that. I laughed when Mewtwo ran scared from Charizard’s Swift attack.

Red eventually catches Mewtwo and heads back home to Pallet Town. Red remembers that the notes in the diary he read in the Pokémon Mansion mentioned a Pokémon named Mew that was used to create Mewtwo. He then realizes that Mew might still be out there, and Mew flies by the window. (RED! IT’S BEHIND YOU!!)

Final Thoughts

I was blown away by the amount of awesomeness exuded by these four episodes of Pokemon Origins. Every moment there was more and more nostalgia goodness. I’m extremely happy with how this series turned out. Sure, they skipped over a lot of potentially intense battles with Gym Leaders, but they got right to the important parts of Red’s story line. I’m hoping they come out with Pokemon Origins on DVD so I can own it.

I’m hoping for future episodes of Pokemon Origins, especially going through the other regions with their respective video game’s Trainers. I would love to see them go through the Johto region and revisit Red in Mt. Silver.

Like I said in the reviews of the previous three Pokemon Origins episodes, I will be watching the original Japanese version next and compare the two.

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Pokemon Origins can be viewed on the Pokémon TV app for iOS devices and the Pokémon TV app for Android devices. If you don’t have access to a either of these types of devices, you can view it on the official Pokémon TV website.

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