FSPR 41 GBA Pokemon Games Need to be Updated for the Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Emerald English Boxart

Pokemon Emerald English Boxart

Older Game Boy Advance versions of the Pokemon video games are virtually unplayable for anyone who owns a Nintendo DSi or 3DS. If you want to play through the games, you need either a Game Boy Advance or an old Nintendo DS or DS Lite. The old GBA version games are obsolete technology and outdated in the current game format. Internal batteries in these GBA games dry out and become unusable without a DIY fix.

There needs to be an update to these games just like there was an update of Pokemon Gold and Silver for the DS – Heart Gold and Soul Silver. These updates are amazing and help bring back older players who want a nostalgia feel. The games also bring in new younger players who don’t know much about the older games.

Nintendo and Game Freak know how to make money with their Pokemon games. Many fans need an update to the Kanto and Hoenn region games in order to get the Pokemon from those regions without trading and to be able to explore these regions unhindered by dried internal batteries.

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