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The first Pokemon X and Y reviews are in! I’m happy to see that gaming websites like IGN and Kotaku are enjoying the new Pokémon X and Y games. Only a few more days until they are released to the world! Are you excited, Trainers?

Initial Pokemon X and Y Reviews

So far, the announced Pokemon X and Y reviews have been positive overall. Gaming websites like IGN, Kotaku and Joystiq all gave high scores in their respective Pokemon X and Y reviews and remarked on the games’ spectacular design and new features.

  • Earnest Cavalli of Joystiq claimed that Pokémon X and Y are “the best-looking Pokémon games to date” and that “Pokémon X/Y is hands-down the best in the series”.
  • Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku says that “you’re in for a treat” with the new games. The title of her review article is even “Pokémon X And Y Is Everything You Wanted Pokémon To Be As A Kid”, which definitely shows how amazing these games will be to older trainers.
  • Jose Otero of IGN writes that “Game Freak has really outdone itself this time”.

Regardless of all of these positive Pokemon Y and Y reviews, we will be forming our own opinions of the new games. I feel that we – old and new trainers alike – will all be happy with the new games.

Final Pokemon X and Y Updates

Slurpuff, the Meringue Pokémon.

Last week, two new Fairy-type Pokémon were announced. Slurpuff, the evolution of Swirlix, has an extremely strong sense of smell – over one hundred million times as strong as humans. It is 2’07” tall and weighs 11 pounds. Slurpuff has the Ability Sweet Veil and is considered the Meringue Pokémon.

Aromatisse, the Meringue Pokémon.

Aromatisse, the Meringue Pokémon.

Aromatisse, the evolution of Spritzee, can exude various smells, ranging from a pleasant fragrance to a repugnant odor used in combat. It is 2’07” tall and weighs 34.2 pounds. It has the Ability Healer and is considered the Fragrance Pokémon.

Some information about the Pokémon X and Y games was revealed by the gaming sites that reviewed the games.

  • Granbull is now considered a Fairy-type (I think most of us expected that), but it hasn’t been revealed if it is a Normal- and Fairy-type or only Fairy-type.
  • While exploring caves, wild Pokémon no longer just ambush you. Encounters are confined to specifically darkened areas, similar to tall grass.
  • Certain moves are two types.
  • The “Eiffle Tower” is the Gym in Lumiose City.
  • There is a Gym that looks like a skate park.
  • Pokémon-Amie provides in-battle bonuses like high critical hit ratio
  • Your party Pokémon don’t need to hold the Exp. Share for it to work. It can be turned on and off from your bag. It also distributes experience to your entire team, as previously confirmed.

Pokémon of the Episode: #542 Leavanny

Leavanny, the Nurturing Pokémon.

Leavanny is the Nurturing Pokémon. It can have the Abilities Swarm or Chlorophyll or the Hidden Ability Overcoat. It stands at 3’11” (1.2m) tall and weighs 45.2 pounds (20.2kg). Leavanny is Bug- and Grass-type.

Sewaddle evolves to Swadloon at level 20, then to Leavanny with a high happiness value (220).


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