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Local-only trading in Pokémon GO

Tatsuo Nomura, senior product manager at Niantic Labs, told Polygon at GDC 2017 that “trading will be through the internet” and “You shouldn’t be able to exchange your Pokémon with someone who is 100 miles away from you.” This comes as a slight surprise as all new Pokémon games have some sort of online trading feature. Looks like we’re out of luck with Pokémon GO. It’s still unknown how we would trade with other trainers. Possibly through Bluetooth or NFC?

Personally, Pokémon GO has run its course in my gaming library. Though I still have the app on my iPhone, I don’t find myself ever playing it. Mr. Nomura also commented on their struggle to find the best way to implement trading by stating, “If we fail this, we can easily kill the game.”

Put the game to rest, says this humble Pokémon podcaster. Pokémon GO was a good attempt to resolve the biggest problem in the Pokémon community – the fact that we can’t go on our own Pokémon adventure. They tried and they did very well, but the game lost its flair well before Ditto was announced in November 2016.

Nintendo Switch sales slipping

More disappointment in the Switch’s corner when taking a look at Japanese sales numbers. Great initial numbers in week one’s sales rounding to about 330,000 units sold, well over the Wii U’s 310,000 units sold in its first week in Japan. An unfortunate downturn in consumer activity when only about 62,000 Nintendo Switch units were sold in the second week after its Japanese release.

Could this be due to the accounts of faulty Nintendo Switch consoles flooding the Internet? Nintendo really needs to crack down on the bad PR. Either there are only a small handful of faulty Switch units and the Internet is blowing things out of proportion and, in turn, driving down sales, or Nintendo needs to find a new quality control team to inspects the Switch units as they come off the production line.

Poké Walker achievement unlocked

After seven years since the release of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, a Japanese trainer logged 9,999,999 steps in his Poké Walker and sent out this Tweet with a picture of the in-game congratulations. This is not the first trainer to accomplish the task, but this definitely shows dedication and hard work.

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