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Video games are made to have fun and entertain gamers, but when overzealous competitive gaming comes into play, some lines can be crossed.

Competitive Gaming versus Fun Gaming

Video games are supposed to be fun, right? Of course! Well, I feel that no matter how you are playing a video game – casually or competitively – you should have fun and not take it so seriously. Yes, there is the argument that competitive gaming can be fun, and I agree with that. But there are many who take competitive gaming too far, so far in fact, that they suck the fun out of the whole experience for everyone.

Pokemon X and Y feels too easy

Many times throughout the Pokemon X and Y story line, I feel like the game is holding my hand and giving obvious help to the player. For example, when Diantha teaches you about Mega Evolution, she gives you her Lucario who is holding the Lucarionite Mega Stone. Another example when you need to Surf over the lake on Route 12. You are given HM03 and immediately after, you are given a Lapras – a Pokémon most notably recognized for carrying people across water. Lapras is even classified as the Transport Pokémon. There are a few other occasions that I feel the game is making certain tasks easy and obvious, but these are the few that stood out to me. I will admit that there are some occasions that the game isn’t so helpful and allows you to think, like traversing the annoyingly spinny and confusing streets of Lumiose City.

Pokémon of the Episode: #598 Ferrothorn

598-FerrothornFerrothorn is the Thorn Pod Pokémon. It can have the Ability Iron Barbs or the Hidden Ability Anticipation. It stands at 3’03” (1.0m) tall and weighs 242.5 pounds (110.0kg). Ferrothorn is Grass- and Steel-type. Ferroseed evolves into Ferrothorn at level 40.


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