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Hyrule Warriors screen capture

Hyrule Warriors for Nintendo Wii U

Hyrule Warriors is a new crossover game between The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors. Dynasty Warriors, for those of you who have never played it, is a hack-and-slash game. This gaming style blended with the Zelda characters is going to make for a very fun game. This is the second of Nintendo’s main titles to be crossed with a game developed by Tecmo Koei, the first being Pokémon Conquest, which was a crossover between Pokémon and Nobunaga’s Ambition. Hyrule Warriors has a set release date for Aug. 14, 2014, in Japan and no set release date for other countries.

Fancy Pattern Vivillon

Fancy patterned VivillonLast week, I discussed a Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon that was to be distributed only at the Pokémon Center in Paris, France. This is a new Fancy patterned Vivillon that will commemorate 100 million Pokémon being traded over the GTS (Global Trade System). Currently, over 90 million Pokémon have been traded. Once 100 million Pokémon have been traded, this new Vivillon will be distributed.

Matt Kenseth’s Mario Kart 8 Nationwide Series car

Question of the Episode

What crossover of two games would you like to see? Or which video game would you like to see in a different genre?

Pokémon of the Episode: #623 Golurk

Golurk is the Automaton Pokémon. It can have the Abilities Iron Fist, Klutz, or the Hidden Ability No Guard. It stands at 9’02” (2.8m) tall and weighs 727.5 pounds (330kg). Golurk is Ground- and Ghost-type.

Golett evolves into Golurk at level 43.

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One comment on “Hyrule Warriors and Fancy Pattern Vivillon – FSPR83
  1. Profile photo of Mark Mark says:

    Great show as always.
    I love the question this week,

    I am excited to see what the NFC (Nintendo Field Communicator) has in store at this year’s E3. I know the Pokemon Rumble figures weren’t as sucessful as Nintendo and Gamefreak would have hoped for, but I think that a larger scale Nintendo themed Skylanders/Disney Universe type figure set, could be awesome! The crossover possibilities are endless if Nintendo is willing to take some risks.

    Think about loading your Link figure into the next 3D Mario Game to play levels with a Link control scheme, what a refreshing twist on your traditional goomba stomping, fireball spitting Mario campaign. Or loading a Pokemon Trainer figure into a 3D Zelda game. Rather than using traditional weapons and items from the world of Zelda, why not a set of specialized Pokemon? Instead of a slingshot, Bulbasaur could use bulletseed. Instead of a sword, Scyther could use slash/cut, Charizard’s fire type moves would be used for certain puzzles, to burn up bushes, melt ice etc. How about loading your Pikachu figure into a more adult themed Metroid FPS. Pikachu Thunderbolting his way through the horde of Space Pirates could be awesome and hilarious. Traditional Gameplay with the traditional characters for these games would still be available, but mashing up the playable characters would prolong these games’ replay-ability. Nintendo has started toying around with the character mash up idea in the recent NES Remix Games, which are awesome, but I would love to see it on a grander, more next-gen scale.

    Another idea that I think Nintendo should consider, which is long overdue…

    A Kingdom Hearts style game with Nintendo Franchises. Think about it…
    The only company I can think of with the type of household franchises that could even hold a candle to Disney… would be Nintendo, and gamers would eat this up.
    I would love to see a storyline linking the worlds of DK, Pokemon, Starfox, etc. Mario could be the main character/Sora protagonist. Maybe there would be a world where Mario collects bananas and in the end, modern day DK, Diddy and Cranky Kong start throwing barrels at Mario as he jumps towards the final goal. Then Mario drops into a water-temple and needs to free Link from the evil clutches of Ganon, while defeating Shadow Link. Maybe Mario could find himself clearing out a full Celadon City of Rocket Grunts alongside Red and his Pokemon. The player can take control of the lead protagonist character in each World too. I would love to see some older more obscure Nintendo franchises be included to spice up the gameplay. Once again the possibilities are pretty much endless.

    Your thoughts?….

    Report user

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